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Life can be lonely when there is no one

there to help you during difficult times.

It’s even more lonely when you cannot

find someone to help give you the needed

energy when you’re down and getting back

on your feet again does not seem possible.


At -Dude’s Ranch Rescue is here to help those in need and are seeking to get out of their current predicament.


How many times have you heard, “Don’t give money to the homeless, they will only blow it on booze or drugs!”  Is this really true? What about those with pets? In fact, homeless people with pets tend to give more to their animals than themselves. 


The truth of the matter is that an imperative part of a life well-lived is helping those around us. It’s our responsibility to help our fellow human beings when times are tough


So what are the needs of someone who has, unfortunately, become homeless? More than anything, they need our emotional support to help get back on their feet again. This is more important than food, clothing, or money. The most common need of any human being is dignity, kindness, understanding, and encouragement.


The majority of us avoid eye contact with the homeless, ignore them when they speak to us, and/or act uncomfortable with any type of interaction. Simply making eye contact and acknowledging a person in need can go a long way in vastly improving their day. 

Homless Chris and dog Brandy.png

Our New Place & Breaking Ground

November 2019


We are a very grateful recipient of a very generous donation received from the Virginia Marty Trust. 

We are very excited to get to work and help those in need!

Photo Nov 07, 4 37 06 PM.jpg

December 2019

Photo Nov 10, 4 23 41 PM.jpg

We found our new home where we can provide services for those in need. Our site is a 5 acre site with a 4000 sq ft main house for intake and immediate services need by those in need.

We were working diligently, getting the grounds and services prepared for our new structures. 

Tiny homes will be built in order to house several families with their pets. One of our programs will be operating an organic sustainable gardens to grown our own food.

Photo Nov 10, 4 39 24 PM.jpg

January 2020

  • Our new staff have worked tirelessly getting programs off the ground.  Our Volunteers have been so amazing.

  • Many thanks to Lowe's, they've donated much needed fixtures, hardware, appliances, tools along with so many awesome items.


We are making progress...

Our new home will be a great spot

for those in immediate need.


We purchased our first trailer for

a program patron.


February 2020

  • Plans are in the works for our First Annual Fundraiser.

  • We nailed down a date and March 28th looks like it will be fantastic!

March 2020

  • Things are getting a little crazy. The Chinese Corona Pandemic hits.

  • The State of California is recommending cancelling all events in light of Covid-19 Pandemic.  

  • Our First Annual Fundraiser needs to be canceled until further notice.

April 2020

  • All volunteer programs and and staff workers are halted. 

  • The State of California has closed due to Covid-19 Pandemic. 

May 2020

Though we've been able to do some work on our lovely future home, everything is at a complete stop.


Our designs are at a stand still as well as being

able to do demo and cleanup construction.

We just don't want to risk anyone's health.

The government offices are closed and will not

open until it safe to reopen due to the pandemic.

House interior (north end) for sale by o

We need construction permits.

If there is anyone out there who has a little clout with L.A County to help us move forward we would be eternally grateful.

August 2020

  • Our Architect has finished the plans and we are trying to submit the plans for permits.

  • We still cannot get enough information in order to move forward.

December 2020

Our world, our lives have completely changed- For some more than others.


This is the time to come together and help those who need the help. 

Our future shelter, our home is here

to help those who don't have a place. 

Currently, it stands as it is in the photo

above. It is not in livable conditions. 

We have the place and the space

to make a difference.  We just need the volunteers- people who can help get us to the next step with permits and additional donations to complete the purpose of this lovely property. 

We can help so many animals and people with just a little effort.

Sad Dog
Cute Happy Dog
Dog Enjoying Campfire
Heart & Hands
Man and His Dog
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