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Pets Help Homeless People Cope

Pets provide warmth, security, and deep comfort to many of the homeless people in the United States. Some homeless would sacrifice their food for their pets. While others want a pet for security. Women and disabled living on the streets face a dangerous reality day in and day out.

Someone who is struggling deserves the same type of companionship as everyone else. These types of intimate connections can help a person have a sense of normalcy. The pets are nonjudgmental and provide an emotional bond of loyalty.

Another major obstacle for a homeless person with a pet is housing. A lot of shelters, motels, and other assisted housing programs will not allow pets on their property. As a result, they live in their cars, in RVs, and tent camps.

This YouTube video titled Pets of the Homeless shows how much pets can mean to someone living on the streets. The common misconception about the homeless is they are lazy and they do not want jobs. This is not always the case. One missed paycheck, a medical condition, or an abusive relationship can quickly cause someone to become homeless.

What can be done to help? Organizations such as Animal Aid Network are dedicated to helping people when a crisis hits. There are also some ways in which you can volunteer or give money to a foundation that will help the homeless provide care and food to their beloved pet. Click on this link to locate a donation site near you.

Around 3.5 million people are homeless in the United States, and around ten percent of them are pet owners. Don’t hesitate to help them care for their pets by providing pet supplies, non-perishable food items, or gift cards to help them feed their companion.

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