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Animal Aid / Dude's Ranch Rescue is in the process of building safe housing for those in need and will accommodate individuals, families and their pets. A sustainable fresh veggie farm will be budding soon and individuals will even be able to learn agricultural farming. 


Our services will include vocational training and assistance with job placement. We will provide linkage to mental health and medical services. We will even help assist with support and veterinarian services for your precious fur babies. 

As a requirement for our program, participants will be asked to "Pay it Forward." Our program participants are the glue that holds our small community together. Cohesiveness and community engagement are an integral part of holistic well-being.  

Contact us to complete an application and discuss requirements TODAY!


Animal Aid / Dude's Ranch Rescue main headquarters is located on a beautiful 6-acre property in Lancaster, Ca.

Animal Aid Network & Dude's Ranch Rescue works with local, state, and federal services to assist individuals and set them up for success.


In the near future, we will soon provide intakes and assist in linking individuals, families, and their pets, to much-needed resources and professional services. 


We strive to help our participants overcome the feeling of failure, loss, depression, and thoughts of suicide by becoming an important part of a community.

By providing an important LINK between those struggling and the resources they need helps the ones in need get back on their feet again.

If you are located in the Los Angeles area and need help. please reach out to us by clicking the help button below.

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